Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

We would like to welcome you to another great year at Anthony Elementary School!   As you know, the safety and security of your child is our highest priority. You will notice that we have taken even more precautions with safety this year through the district.  At Anthony, we have limited the access points to the building, we have video cameras and a video buzz-in system.

For arrival, please note, as in the past, that all students will enter through the back U-Loop by the basketball goals until 8:05 when the back gates are closed unless the office/teacher has communicated a different means of entry for your student.  As well, our doors will still open for students and supervision will begin at 7:45 am with breakfast beginning at this time. We strongly discourage students from arriving before 7:45 am. Additionally, please note that this year’s academic day begins at 8:10 am with tardies being given for any students arriving after this time.  As in the past, tardies are given within the first 30 minutes of the academic day.

Below are our Anthony dismissal guidelines (with dismissal being at 3:20 due to the new USD 453 academic calendar):

  • Students from Ms. Carol will be dismissed directly to parents or to the school bus at the front left door on the southwest side of the building at 3:15 pm.

  • Students who are walkers and cross the 2nd Avenue crosswalk will be seated in the library in rows with their siblings and then will be walked out of the southwest side of the building and either up or down the sidewalk.  Students who are walkers that utilize the crosswalk will also be crossed by Anthony staff. *For the safety of our students at dismissal, regular walkers may be escorted out of the building a few minutes after dismissal has begun.  

  • Students who are picked up by a walking parent will be seated in the cafeteria in rows with their siblings as they wait for their parent to arrive at the door on the southeast side of the building.  Once the parent walks up the side driveway and comes to the door, they will be greeted and checked by a staff member and their child or children will be delivered to them from within the cafeteria.    

  • Students who are picked up in cars:

    • Daycare/Taxi, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade:

      • Classroom teachers will escort these students to the gym and they will sit with their classes.  Parents who are picking these students up need to enter the “U” and follow the traffic pattern until you reach a designated cone/slot.  Your student(s) will be escorted to you there by a teacher. For the safety of all of our children and for efficiency in the process, please have your child’s placard readily visible and stay in your vehicle in order to allow the staff to assist your child into your vehicle.  This will not only be much safer, but also speed up our process.

*Please note that our main office will not be an area for our dismissal processes.  All students will be dismissed through the process stated above.  Please see the attached Dismissal Plan Map for clarification.  If there is a change in your dismissal plan, please contact the front office before 2:45pm at 913-684-1500, otherwise your child will be sent home the standard way.  Please note that students will not be dismissed from the office between 2:45-3:25 due to our dismissal process already beginning.