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Welcome to 3rd grade! This will be my fourth year at Anthony and my ninth year of teaching. One of my favorite parts of teaching is getting to build relationships with students and their families. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and working together this year!

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Students took advantage of the beautiful afternoon by testing out their homemade anemometers and straw airplanes today!
Save Fred! Students worked as partners to rescue their gummy worm from the top of his “capsized boat”. They had to get his “life saver” from under the boat and slip it on using only 4 paper clips.
We compared and contrasted two folk tales last week, Nail Soup and Stone Soup. They were very proud of their class Venn diagram! They requested a picture to share it! 
Team building challenge! Students were challenged to build a structure as tall as possible that would remain standing until lunch with 20 straws and 2 large pieces of tape. Check out our photo album for more pictures!

Nacho November

Join us on Tuesday, November 14th in the cafeteria for third grade nacho night! During this time, third graders will show off projects they have been working on this quarter! 
Time: 5:30-6:30

Students read to our therapy dog guest this morning! They did a wonderful job of reading, and Gabby the Dog was a great listener!
The kids had a wonderful opportunity meeting dogs from the Human Animal Bond Program. Check out the photo album to see all of the pictures!
Our classroom became Ellis Island this week! At this station the immigrants were arriving to legal questioning to determine if they would be able to stay in America. Students did a wonderful job simulating what arriving at Ellis Island would be like. Check out the photo album for more pictures!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Students brought home parent teacher conference slips with your meeting time, so be on the look out! I'm looking forward to seeing you to talk about these incredible kids! 

Thank you for joining us at Family Fun Night! We had such a great time with our Anthony families!
The kids did a cool Mystery Science activity to see why there is sand on the beach. 
We discussed how different cultures contribute to a community this week! Kids made dream catchers to bring a piece of another culture home with them. 
 We had a great time reviewing for our Topic 1 Test! Students put together number puzzles which represented numbers in standard, word, and expanded forms, as well as using base 10 blocks. Check out the album to see the rest of the groups working together to complete the puzzles!

Agendas and Homework

 Our class got their agendas this morning! We will write our daily homework assignments in these each morning to help students remember what needs to be completed, and for you to see what they should have/important information. Please sign these every evening so I know kids are showing you what is going on. These agendas are also a great communication tool! I will check these every day, so you can drop me a note or question and I will be sure to get it and respond. Every Monday students will bring home their stories for their Friday reading test to read throughout the week, as well as their spelling words which are on the reading newsletter. I will see how this first week of spelling goes for them and then adjust student lists to meet their needs. Thank you for everything you do! We had a great first week of school, and I'm excited for what the rest of the year brings!